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The amazing and powerful course The Master Key Experience shows some great supplemental self discovery and self directed thinking videos and this is certainly one of them. The Master Key Experience Team is about becoming the best you can…

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The amazing and powerful course The Master Key Experience shows some great supplemental self discovery and self directed thinking videos and this is certainly one of them. The Master Key Experience Team is about becoming the best you can be finding your purpose, discovering your dharma, making your dreams come true and being happy.

Becoming a self directed thinker and being able to find your dharma, your purpose in life is the self realization of the master key experience. Using the Master Key system by Charles Haanel and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill also the teachings of Joseph Campbell and The Hero’s Journey by using Mark Januszewski self help vision to improve your mental health is essential. Learn to live your dream find bliss and joy to live your happiness is possible.

The Master Key Mastermind Alliance, MKMMA, a powerful self-discovery program. There’s nothing like it. Want Proof? Our members have written over 25,000 blog posts describing in detail their adventures in the Master Key Experience MKE and the results of this course on their lives.
This mastermind shows you how to:
1. Discover your true purpose in life
2. Find the power to trust in yourself and in your dreams
3. Learn why written goals don’t work and what to do about it
4. Receive hands-on support putting your plans into actions
5. Use the power of your subconscious mind to reach your goals and live your dreams
But please don’t take our word for it! Just read for yourself results that thousands of members have experienced. Discover the adventures they’ve gone through and the changes they’ve made in their lives. Read about their Master Key Experience.
The best news? The course is offered on a Pay-It-Forward Scholarship basis. Second only to the remarkable transformations in people’s lives is the fact that this course cannot be bought at any price. It’s all done with Pay-It-Forward Scholarships, so make certain you get on the Early Notification List.

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Note from the MKMMA Team
We’re glad that you’re considering “The Master Key Mastermind Alliance Experience” and we are really sad that we missed the chance to work and mastermind with you this time around. You see, every available spot and scholarship has been reserved for this year’s course. The number of available scholarships is limited because Certified Guides provide one-on-one attention to each member. BUT to THANK YOU for your interest, we want to make sure you get FIRST NOTICE of our next 26-WEEK course. Just enter your email in the box to get an early notification when the 26-WEEK course becomes available.
I thought Miracles was such a great title for the Webinar and it prompted me to write back. It is early days and I am probably not supposed to be telling anyone about this, but you have been very kind and instrumental in getting me to rethink and get into a different frame of mind back in December, and frankly, totally melted my heart with your kindness in sharing a message for positive thoughts. Well, my miracle is that my pregnancy test was positive. I have a smile spanning both the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. It is early days but I can’t help but feel happy, grateful, proud, thankful and so awesomely tired at the moment. Miracles happen. With Love and Gratitude, Anna Ivanovska
New Zealand – Anna Sophia 2.95kg, Born on 10-7-2015

I discovered MKMMA in Autumn 2013. I was 59 and living with my wife Françoise a happy life, but I had still several things that I wanted to improve on a daily basis. One of these dreams was to gather our family for about a week every year, all their expenses paid. About three months after the beginning of the MKMMA program, Françoise and me launched the invitation to our children to spend a full week with their family in South of Spain in a 5 star resort. That event took place in October 2014. This year, we invited them all in a 4 day dream vacation in Disneyland, Paris. Next year will bring us all in Thaïland. MKMMA also brought me a higher self confidence, an increased peace of mind and a much greater potential to be in service to others while respecting my own needs and wants. MKMMA has taught me what I need to achieve my ultimate dream : to become the deliberate creator of my life.

Luc Griffet, MKMMA Master Guide

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