MOON KNIGHT’s Mental Disorder and Alternate Personalities EXPLAINED | Marvel Breakdown

Install Raid for Free : ☑️ Mobile and PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days 💥 The first episode of Moon KNight might have left a lot of fans confused. Why…

MOON KNIGHT's Mental Disorder and Alternate Personalities EXPLAINED | Marvel Breakdown


Install Raid for Free : ☑️
Mobile and PC:
and get a special starter pack 💥
Available only for the next 30 days 💥

The first episode of Moon KNight might have left a lot of fans confused. Why is Oscar Isaac blacking out? Who is the large bird skeleton giving him orders? Where is alo this going, and how does it connect to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Well we’re here to explain Steven’s condition, Dissociative Identity Disorder, and how it factors into this story, the comics, and Egyptian mythology.

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Written and Edited by Pavel Terehovsky ( [email protected]
Hosted by Ryan Arey (

0:00 WTF Is Happening
2:47 DID Explained
4:46 Marc’s Alternate Personalities Explained
8:47 Why Steven Exists
10:36 Did Khonshu Cause DID?
12:21 Why is Steven in Control?

Some of you might already know the answers to what is going on, if you know Moon Knight’s story. But even if you read the comics, or maybe just watched some videos on YouTube, there is still a lot to answer about what is going on. What’s the mental illness Steven is suffering from, and what causes it? And what all of that means for Moon Knight.

So first, what’s happening in the show is real, it’s not an illusion or something that is only in Steven’s head.

Moon Knight is a very complicated hero, and that’s because he’s suffering from a mental illness called dissociative identity disorder. This disorder causes a person to manifest two or more distinct personalities. The identities take control of the individual at different times, and this is the cause for gaps in memory, among many of the effects of DID. The alternate identities are known as alters.

And that’s what is happening to Steven. Everytime Steven goes to sleep, he loses control of his body to his other identity. That’s why he has memory gaps, how days go by without him being aware, and why it seems like his body has a mind of its own. And that’s because it does have few other minds… well identities. Of course, the DID is heightened for the show.

The mystery man in the mirrors is Steven’s other identity. The one who takes control at the end of the episode. And this persona is Marc Spector.
But here’s the twist, in case you didn’t know,
Steven Grant is not the real identity, he is the alternate identity. Marc is the real one.

To use Fight Club as an exemple, basically Marc is the Narrator, and Steven is Tyler Durden. Oh also, spoiler alert to fight Club I guess.

One of the best moments of the episode is when Steven wakes up in the middle of nowhere, suddenly being changed by a cult. And he and Marc clash over control of the body. When Marc is in control, Steven is completely unaware of what’s happening, his consciousness cutting in and out, causing memory gaps. But when Steven is in control, Marc seems to be still awake, as he can talk with Steven and even take control of his body. Later in the video we will theorize on why Steven wakes up when Marc is in control all of a sudden.

In the end of the episode Steven gives Marc control over his body, and he becomes Moon Knight. And Moon Knight is the third personality. Yes, Moon Knight is a distinct identity on its own. Marc is the one in control, and the one in the suit. But as often the case with masked vigilantes, the mask becomes its own persona.
Think of it as all of Batman’s identities. There’s the Batman who appears before criminals, who is different from the Batman that interacts with commissioner Gordon. Then there’s Bruce Wayne, the playboy billionaire. And the real Bruce, who appears only before his closest allies.

So that’s the case with Moon Knight, only he suffers from DID. As Moon Knight, Marc tends to be a lot more vicious, even cruel at times. His justice is ruthless and unforgiving.

There’s also a fourth that we will meet in the show, and that’s Mr Knight. But it’s unclear how that persona will be presented in the show, since they are doing some changes to the source material.

Now there is something interesting about the fact that Marc is the real identity, while Steven is a personality created by his DID.
If you noticed, usually in stories like these, the alter serves as a type of a protector.

The Narrator in Fight Club created Tyler Durden, a cooler and stronger version of himself. The type of person who would want to be.

In Mr Robot, Elliot Alderson created Mr Robot, a rebellious hacker who leads a revolution against the establishment. And Mr Robot serves as Elliot’s protector personality.

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