Show Reel CARLO FUMO – 2013

Carlo Fumo (Director, Author and Art Director of the Valsele International Film Festival) Show Reel 2013 Cinema & Festival BIOGRAPHY: Before turning director for four years he devoted himself to painting and journalism. At age 11, he won the National…

Show Reel CARLO FUMO - 2013



Carlo Fumo
(Director, Author and Art Director of the Valsele International Film Festival)
Show Reel 2013
Cinema & Festival

Before turning director for four years he devoted himself to painting and journalism. At age 11, he won the National Painting Competition Impromptu, replicates in 2002. At age 15, he made his first short film, “The Little Monaco”, which won the Video Review of the Artist in Salerno. In 2002, in Turin, he collaborated on the back-stage of the feature film “7 km from Jerusalem” (Rai Cinema) by Claudio Malaponti. He founded the film production company “Italian Independent Movie” and start shooting his first movie in Turin, “Life, Love and Destiny”, which was completed in 2006, is presented to Diffused Museum of Turin in collaboration with Turin Piedmont Film Commission and City of Turin. Receives a letter of congratulations from family Rossellini. Posted archive technical Turin Piedmont Film Commission since 2006. In 2007 he released “I Paint the Sun,” social medium length for the Center for Mental Health ASL Salerno. In 2008 it was the turn of “Checkmate”, Italian pulp that after only a year, jumped to the attention of national and international media for the presence in the cast of a character related to gossip, will run in a professional manner the event that will bring the work to the display of 3 million users on the web. And ‘President, Artistic Director and Founder of “Valsele International Film Festival,”, now in its fifth edition with guests such as Jhon Turturro, Alessandro Siani, Giuseppe Ferrara, Rocco Papaleo, Don Luigi Merola, Sergio Rubini, Luca Ward, Massimiliano Gallo, Naike Rivelli, Peter De Silva, Marco Risi, Luca Fir, Stefania Orlando, Biagio Izzo, Massimo Boldi, and numerous other events. Plays football for charity in the “National Artists TV” in 2008. In 2011, submit to the “Salone Internazionale Del Turin Book” his first literary work “The Director of the World” (Albatros Publisher) and after 1 month run in 35mm Anamorphic prequel “The Director Of The World” (from the 9th act of book) with Alessandro Haber, Gianmarco Tognazzi, Luke Ward, Massimiliano Gallo, Lidia Vitale, Naike Rivelli, Nicola Acunzo, Yuliya Mayarchuk and Orfeo Orlando and 2 awards David di Donatello, the engineer Gaetano Carito and editor Claudio Di Mauro, in collaboration with Kodak D-Vision Rome and Technicolor. The Prequel is awarded and presented in February 2012 in Malibu, California at the “Film4Meeting” preset Award “David di Donatello – Courts”, in the final at RIFF of Rome, the “Short Film Corner” of the “65th Festival de Cannes 2012 “and winner of the” Golden Spike “” Social World Film Festival 2012 “,” Best Cinematography “at the” Festival Workshops D’Autore 2012, “” Special Mention “to” VideofestivalImperia – UNESCO “,” Jury Prize ” the “Short in GALP Festival” and in the official selection with 25 other national and international festivals. He collaborates with the Mentoring USA-Italy Onlus, which devotes to charity Valsele the 4th edition of the International Film Festival in November 2012, with prizes awarded to John Turturro, Anastacia, Alessandro Siani, Massimo Boldi, Roberta Rudd, Biagio Izzo, Gianmarco Tognazzi, Luca Fir, Stefania Orlando and the Bronze Medal of the Presidency of the Senate to Mrs. Matilda Raffa Cuomo (mother of the governor of the state of NY) who accepted the award personally. In 2013, will run the documentary film “The Person Who Changed My Life” based on the book of Mrs. Matilda Raffa Cuomo, the history of Mentoring USA.

On 21 August 2011 he was given the “Medal of the President of the Italian Republic” for 24 years, and especially in the year of the “150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy.” The next year he was again awarded the Medal together with those of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies. – –

-“Best Movie – Rossellini Award” Maiori (Italy) 2006
-“Best Short Award – Film4Meeting” Malibu, CA (U.S.A) 2012
-“Official Selection – Rome Independent Film Festival” Rome, (Italy) 2012
-“Preselection – David di Donatello Award” Rome, (Italy) 2012
-“Special Award – Videofestival Imperia” Imperia, (Italy) 2012
-“Special Award – Festival Universitario Lanterna” (Messico) 2012
-“Golden Spike Award – Social World Film Festival” Vico E.(Italy) 2012
-“Short Film Corner Selection – 65° Festival de Cannes” Cannes, (France) 2012
-“Special Jury Award – Corto in GALP” (Italy) 2012
-“Web Contest – Rankings Award” Short Stories LA3 TV (Italy) 2012
-“Best Cinematography Award – Botteghe D’Autore” Albanella (Italy) 2012
-“Best Man Actor Award – Festival Internazionale del Corto di Montecatini” 2012
-“Best Director Award – Gjakova Film Festival” Gjakova (Kosovo) 2013
-“Best Director Award – Llapi Film Festival” Padujeve (Kosovo) 2013
-“Best Director Award – Apollonia Student Film Festival” Fier (Albania) 2013

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