Ima Maia Covers Let Her Go

Vocals are my own. This is my cover of “Let Her Go” by Kurt Hugo Schneider and Tyler Ward covering the original song by Passenger

Fitness in Recovery

Those with substance use disorder will often forget to take care of themselves during active addiction. Daily tasks like eating, bathing and taking time to care for one’s mental health are often placed to the side, as seeking the next…

NO ALTERNATIVE: Suicide Prevention Month

September is SUICIDE PREVENTION MONTH. We must end the stigma of suicide and promote mental health awareness. There is No Alternative: “No Alternative” is a teen drama set in the world of grunge-era teenagers in the early 90s. Thomas…

About iTMS™

Developed when science, psychiatry and the medical community came together to find an evidence based approach to a complex problem, iTMS™ brings the frequencies in all areas of the brain back in balance to promote mental wellness.