Ima Maia Covers Let Her Go

Vocals are my own. This is my cover of “Let Her Go” by Kurt Hugo Schneider and Tyler Ward https://youtu.be/8tjixLbTlio covering the original song by Passenger https://youtu.be/RBumgq5yVrA

Fashion in the Dark TRAILER

Fashion in the Dark is a creative documentary project that aims to visually and acoustically interpret the experiences that people, who are blind or visually impaired, have of fashion. Both Rae and Jill, who collaborated with me on the project…

Care Labels Unboxed

Want to use Care Labels For Humans at your event? Zoe E Breen reveals what’s in the event kit, including: 31 types of Care Labels (3 Approach, 6 Behaviours and 22 Chat / Self-Care), a lanyard card, a instruction card…

About Genio

Genio is a non-profit organisation specialising in social service transformation. We are an experienced and passionate team of specialists with a deep understanding and track record of complex system change and reform.


get2gether hosted an event with Alex Cole Hamilton, MSP, Clare Haughey, Minister of Health and others in the Scottish Parliament. The event highlighted the rights of the disabled to “take risks” and learn to be independent. Subtitles: ALEX COLE HAMILTON,…