Ser du meg? //forprosjekt

Eit innblikk i resultatet frå forprosjektet til “Ser du meg?” – eit danseprosjekt som tar sikte på å formidle forskingsresultat gjennom dans. Basert på artikkelen “Being recognised as a whole person – A qualitative study of inpatient experience in mental

Can suicide risk be detected in the blood

In the first study of its kind, scientists from Pine Rest, Van Andel Institute, and Columbia University will seek to identify blood-based biomarkers for suicide risk, laying the foundation for a test that could allow for earlier, life-saving intervention. Enrollment…

Essex Research: Dr Alita Nandi

Essex researchers found around one in 10 ethnic minority individuals reported experiencing ethnic and racial harassment in the last year and this was associated with worse mental health. They are using their findings to help the police combat ethnic and…