Confessions of A Shopaholic

The public consumption media gives the symbol elements like beautiful, young and elegant to the commodities, so as to advocate women’s consumption – “As long as you buy this cosmetics, you can become a beautiful and independent woman.” and “Really…

We Need To Heal Our Minds

One day I came across a university in Berrien Springs, Michigan, called Andrews University. There was something about this school that really called me to apply. So I did, and soon received a letter of admission. I was admitted to…

Roads – De Houtstek

De Houtstek is a woodshop in the Netherlands that offers people with a history of mental health issues a unique opportunity to learn how to work with wood. They make tailor-made solutions for customers like the airline Transavia.

L’image de soi, quoi que ce soit

Artist’s statement: The goal of this project was to depict myself in an abstract way using video art as a medium of expression. Although the main theme of the project was myself, it was one of the hardest subjects for

LIFE(y) – Short Film (Teaser Trailer)

‘LIFE(y)’ is the short tale of a middle aged man who is isolated by the routine of a ‘modern’ existence. Despite his conformity, he is almost invisible….yearning for a human interaction… however unusual or mysterious. ‘LIFEY(y)’ explores issues surrounding mental