Union’s Heart Healing (Weekly Love Tarot Reading) November 29 – December 5, 2021

Blessings and Welcome Family. This is your ‘Weekly Love Tarot Card Reading’ for November 29 – December 5, 2021. Join us for this week’s Extended Reading and QUANTUM HEALING to CLEAR , HEAL, and ACTIVATE: ∞   Activation of your…


Blessings and Welcome Family. This is your ‘Weekly Love Tarot Card Reading’ for November 29 – December 5, 2021.

Join us for this week’s Extended Reading and QUANTUM HEALING to CLEAR , HEAL, and ACTIVATE:

∞   Activation of your Original Divine Union Blueprint
∞   Activation of the Most High to take care of your relationship
∞   Activation to be Leaders of the New Nine
∞   Clearing all the blocks that are preventing seeing things accurately
∞   Clearing and healing the seed point of emotional damages from the past
∞   Activation of your Counterpart to a King and Kingdom Reality match in the material
∞   Activation to step into being a Feminine Alchemist Leader
∞   Activation to merge together in the heart space
∞   Clearing the blocks from punishments
∞   Clearing past life people that created separation of your Union
∞   Merging of your Solar Plexus Chakras to you both can overcome obstacles
∞   Clearing egyptian rituals and spellwork that have been controlling you both
∞   Activation to be a team player together
∞   Activation to have your Counterpart to desire the Rose Template in you
∞   Activation to have a brand new union timeline begin
∞   Clearing of the devil from your hearts, and merge deeper together in the heart
∞   Clearing of the entities of the beast system from within you both
∞   Activation to both move on together fully into the Age of Aquarius
∞   Activation to have Heart’s Harmony back home together

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I give All Praises to the Most High our provider of all things. The Blood of Christ washes over this video and all of us now in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit . Thank you Most High Prime Source Creator for your supreme protection over the Holy Grail all ways in Jesus Christ’s Name amen. May we all be blessed oh Heavenly Father amen


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Blessings Beloved � Thank you so much for joining me. My name is Carolyn, and I am here to help support you in blossoming into your New Earth Template, and Christed Embodiment.

Each week we upgrade together with the cosmic energies and God’s plan, and our collective consciousness as a TRIBE. My gifts bring the New Earth 12th Dimensional Galactic Embodiment to you, so you can birth all of your heart’s desires!

My mission directly supports The Beloveds in coming into Holy Matrimony with their Christed Divine Counterpart, as an embodiment of The House of David ✡️ Sisterhood of the Rose �The Lion Tribe of Judah � and The Galactic Star Council of Nine ✨

Join me on this journey to the return home to your Union of The Beloved, Heaven on Earth, The ONECODE, and The Promised Land �️

Love Carolyn

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