What The Fuck Do you know about Hypnosis

This was the first seminar that Jonathan Royle who many have dubbed The Rogue Hypnotist & British Bad Boy of Hypnosis ran after turning 40 Years of age and after celebrating his involvement of over 26 years in Hypnotherapy, over…

What The Fuck Do you know about Hypnosis


This was the first seminar that Jonathan Royle who many have dubbed The Rogue Hypnotist & British Bad Boy of Hypnosis ran after turning 40 Years of age and after celebrating his involvement of over 26 years in Hypnotherapy, over 25 years in Stage & Street Hypnosis and also ultimately 37 years in various areas of Show-Business.

Watch, Listen, Study, Absorb and be both truly Entertained as well as Educated as you are taken on a true Roller Coaster Ride into the Mind and Extensive Hypnotic Experiences of Jonathan Royle as he demonstrates, reveals and explains many things that he has never taught in such detail at any of his previous events to date.

Over the two days he also gave an overview and insights into the vast majority of Techniques, Strategies and Methods that he has used over the years to become one of the Worlds Most Successful Hypnotic Exponents and arguably one of it’s Leading Hypnosis Experts and Trainers as well.

If your an experienced Hypnotherapist or Stage-Hypnotist then most likely, this is the set of videos that will make you realise just how much your original trainers misled you, held back from you and quite possibly even directly lied to you and it’s also the set of videos that will give you an entirely new view on how and why Hypnosis of all Kinds Truly Works and how this Knowledge and insight will make you a far better Hypnotist.

For those of you who are just starting out in the World of all things Hypnotic, NLP, Mesmerism and related fields, this is the set of videos that could potentially save you hundreds of hours of wasted study and many thousands of pounds or dollars, as along the way you’ll discover the truth of how you truly can become a Master Hypnotist without having to spend hundreds of hours studying or a Kings Ransom on Courses, Training Products or Services.

*How to have someone tap away their problems, positively and permanently within literally just a few minutes using Royle’s approach of “Complete Mind Tapping” aka CMT.

*The Seven Psychological and Emotional Keys to every Human Beings Problems and how to Positively manipulate them to help them to easily, effectively and permanently overcome any Habits, Addictions, Fears, Phobias or indeed any other Problem or issue that they may have from A through to Z.

*How to have someone “MELT” their problems away in just a few short minutes using Royle’s unique approach of “Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques” aka MELT.

*The Four Psychological Foundations of the Mind that are always both the underlying cause of every persons problems and also most always (99% of the time) also the route to overcoming and positively reversing and/or eliminating such things forever.

*Discover the real truth about SUDS (Subjective Units of Distress) and the insiders Secret Physical, Verbal and Psychological Techniques that make using the SUDS Scale of Zero through to Ten one of the most powerful tools that you will ever learn and use in your therapeutic work.

*Why everything you thought you knew about Hypnosis, NLP and related Psychological Talking Therapies and Treatment Techniques is in fact wrong and how facing up to the truth will make you a far more successful Mind Therapy Practitioner.

*How in truth a Stage Hypnotist never Hypnotizes anybody who steps foot onto the stage and rather instead actually Hypnotizes the people sat in the audience. We’re not talking group suggestibility tests here either, we really mean that Royle Reveals how to be truly successful as a Stage Hypnotist you need to realise it is the audience you need to Hypnotise and not the people who volunteer to come on stage and yes indeed he gives insights into exactly how this can easily be achieved.

*The Shocking Truth About Pain and Pleasure, how they hold people back in life and often amplify so called “problems” and so called “health” issues and how you can help people to overcome these blocks with ease.

*Royle Reveals the shocking truth about exactly how Successful Stage Hypnosis Shows & Street Hypnosis Performances truly work and how opening your eyes to his often controversial experiences and conclusions will without doubt help make you a far more effective & powerful Hypnotist.

*How to Hi-Jack a clients misconceptions and distorted views of reality and use those misconceptions and distorted views to your own (and their) positive advantage to Hypnotise them more rapidly, more deeply and more effectively than most “Hypnotists” would ever be able to.

*The Simple Step by Step Plan that when implemented could enable you to become a best selling Amazon author and consequently a perceived “Hypnosis” or “Self-Help” expert overnight and how this will help you to earn way more money.

*Yes indeed discover how to actually enable the vast majority of people you Hypnotize for Therapy to truly, genuinely and sincerely experience that MAGIC feeling of being truly “out of it” and “deep under like a Zombie”


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